Fancy Feet

Fancy Feet
My fancy feet are done and just in time. The Crochet Crowd will post the next part of the pattern tomorrow. I’m glad I finished just in time. I will try and start to crochet the next part of the pattern tomorrow night, but no promises. I’ve started on a penguin for me and I still have to do the other platypus.

A short post tonight since I’m tired from work. I’m going to retire with SHARDS & ASHES and then whichever mystery book grabs me.


Mystery Project!

I’m doing the mystery project with The Crochet Crowd. The link to the project is here. So far it is two legs and feet. I kind of think it is something like big bird or something. It mentions “trademarks” so I wonder if it is a Sesame St/Disney character. I have almost finished the second leg and I will post it a picture when I’m done. I finished Perry the Platypus…


Tom is so excited that he’s done. I’m going to do another one for Bob. I’m not sure what my next project will be. Maybe a corgi for Wendy. The next clue for the next project, with the pattern, will be released on Tuesday.

My audiobook listening has hit a wall. I’m not really getting into A VISION IN VELVET or THE WAY OF KINGS. I’m putting all the audiobooks on hold for now. I finished reading ILL-GOTTEN GAINS, which was good, and I’ve started MURDER IN THE MYSTERY SUITE, which is good so far. I also picked up SHARDS & ASHES from the library today. It has a short story from the Across the Universe books by Beth Revis. I loved those books so much, so it’s nice to have a bonus story.

Back to work tomorrow. I will try and post a picture of the finished legs tomorrow night.


New Book Tuesday

A Vision in Velvet - AToday is New Book Tuesday and of course a huge amount of audiobooks are out. I’m listening to a cozy mystery right now, A VISION IN VELVET. I’m not really big into cozy mysteries at the moment, but this series is one of my favourites. After this I need another series to listen to and I think I will try the series by Julie Hyzy, or maybe Cleo Coyle’s. I’ve listened to the first Coffeehouse Mystery by Cleo Coyle and I really liked it. I’m trying to break up the cozies a bit with the other genres I love too.

Today is Canada Day, so I will be heading out to enjoy the sunshine today as well. We have had an awful amount of rain over the last five days and the sun is finally out. Work has been busy with everyone putting their flood claims in. It’s nice to have a day off and then back to work for three more days. Until then time to listen to A VISION IN VELVET and crochet some more of my platypus. I added the platypus to my ravelry. I love ravelry and I even joined the Fresh Stitches group.


June 30… What is with this date?

I wonder does anyone else have a date? A special date, that things seem to happen on? June 30 is that date for me. It is the date I relocated from one city to another over a decade ago and then on this date in 2007 I was in the middle of relocating to another country. It’s a funny date – sometimes awesome, sometimes not so awesome.

My challenge to myself. Today is June 30 and I want to challenge myself to keep this blog going (with random book thoughts) for the next 365 days.

What am I reading right now?

The Way of Kings - audioI just started INSURGENT by Veronica Roth. I wasn’t planning on starting this one, but I bought this from the secondhand bookstore today and decided to read it right away.

I’ve been reading SILENCE OF THE LAMB’S WOOL by Betty Hechtman. I’ve been on a cozy mystery reading slump. This book is good, but right now I’m not feeling the love with any cozy mysteries. I plan to continue on with it and hope the slump ends.

I’m listening to THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson. This is awesome. Beyond awesome. It’s like 49 hours long and I have about 16 hours left to listen to. I will probably take a break between this one and WORDS OF RADIANCE. This is going to be a long series, so I have plenty of time before book 3 comes out.

Tomorrow A VISION IN VELVET by Juliet Blackwell comes out.  I pre-ordered this one on audiobook. I’ve been severely over dosing on this series this year. I’m now all up to date and I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this audiobook. I love Xe Sand’s narration and I’m looking forward to having this one to listen to.

It’s Canada Day tomorrow here. So I get a day off work to do housework, chase the boys, play Mario Kart and hopefully listen to A VISION IN VELVET and crochet a bit. I’m crocheting my very first animugurmi. It’s a platypus. In Perry the Platypus colours. The boys are going to be thrilled when it’s finished.