Mystery Project!

I’m doing the mystery project with The Crochet Crowd. The link to the project is here. So far it is two legs and feet. I kind of think it is something like big bird or something. It mentions “trademarks” so I wonder if it is a Sesame St/Disney character. I have almost finished the second leg and I will post it a picture when I’m done. I finished Perry the Platypus…


Tom is so excited that he’s done. I’m going to do another one for Bob. I’m not sure what my next project will be. Maybe a corgi for Wendy. The next clue for the next project, with the pattern, will be released on Tuesday.

My audiobook listening has hit a wall. I’m not really getting into A VISION IN VELVET or THE WAY OF KINGS. I’m putting all the audiobooks on hold for now. I finished reading ILL-GOTTEN GAINS, which was good, and I’ve started MURDER IN THE MYSTERY SUITE, which is good so far. I also picked up SHARDS & ASHES from the library today. It has a short story from the Across the Universe books by Beth Revis. I loved those books so much, so it’s nice to have a bonus story.

Back to work tomorrow. I will try and post a picture of the finished legs tomorrow night.


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